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Green Statement

3r mobility’s  takes an ethical approach to all we do. Our green initiatives focus on eliminating waste, creating efficiencies, and continuous improvement. Our green approach is to continuously improve our green credentials, contributing to overall company sustainability and responsibility.

Our aim is to operate our business with minimal environmental impact.

We have undertaken the following initiatives:

  • Offer a recycling service for wheelchairs and scooters, batteries  ensuring safe disposal
  • Receive electronic POs, invoices, and other business documents from suppliers and customers whenever possible
  • Encourage our customers to sign up for Electronic Invoicing via email, or the web to reduce paper usage
  • Reduced paper usage with electronic accounting practices
  • Our consumption of energy is also monitored and we take measures to ensure that it is not wasted

Professional Membership:

Healthcare & Assistive Technology Society - H.A.T.S.

3r mobility directors are members of H.A.T.S. and adhere to it’s Code of Practice, so you can be assured of first class service, all of the time.

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