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Aids for Daily Living

3r mobility offers a wide range of small aids or equipment which can be used to make the activities of everyday living easier and may also help to prevent falls.

You may be eligible to receive the aid(s) free of charge via the Southern Health and Social Care Trust's Community Equipment Scheme or have to purchase them yourself.
We want to enable our customers to live independent, dignified, more fulfilled and enriched lives. The simplest idea makes all the difference.

If you require any advice as to whether a product might be suitable for your needs we can help.  

The range of Aids for Daily Living include:

  • Bathing Aids – Bath Seat Slatted, Bathboard Slatted, Shower chair, Shower Stool
  • Beds – Back rest, Bed cradle, Bed stick, easy rail
  • Furniture – Chair raiser, Perching Stool
  • Mobility – Walker three wheeled with brakes, Walking Frame Wheeled, Aluminium Support Stick
  • Personal care – Pickup and reaching Aid, Kettle tipper, Kitchen Trolley, Leg lifting strap, Personal Hygiene device, Sock/Stocking aid
  • Toileting – Bed pan, Commode mobile, Commode Static, Toilet Seat & Frame, Toilet Frame, Raised toilet seat ( 2”,4”, 6”), Urinal ( male / female)
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